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will goodwill take sex toys

Will Goodwill Take Sex Toys?

I was recently caught off-guard when I heard that some Goodwill locations take donations of sex toys. When I’d heard the word donation I’d assumed it was for clothes and furniture only. The idea of a Goodwill taking donations of sex toys took me aback.

I did some investigation and it turns out that the answer to my question was yes, some Goodwill’s indeed accept sex toy donations. It’s not something they always advertise openly though, and you usually have to contact them directly to confirm. But, if they do accept those types of items they’re usually sold right on their stores.

I was pretty surprised that Goodwill accepted those types of donations, but after doing some research I found out that it makes sense. Goodwill, as a non-profit organization, needs to make money and obviously sex toys are a product that does generate some kind of revenue. Plus, at the same time, they help people who may be in need of those items but can’t afford the regular market price for them.

Tiny Bullet Vibrator | The Smallest Vibrator Ever Seen | Vibrators.comThe fact that Goodwill accepts sex toys is nothing new, though. I’ve heard they’ve been doing it for years. But I think it has become more accepted in recent times and Penis Rings it’s not as taboo. And since the sale of sex toys is legal in most states, Goodwill is able to profit off of them.

Goodwill is a great example of an organization that does more than just accept donations of items. They take in donations of unused sex toys, clean them up, and then send them out to their stores. Goodwill also educates people on the importance of sexual health and provides resources to help people make informed decisions when it comes to their sex lives.

I think it’s wonderful that Goodwill has a policy that allows them to accept donations of sex toys. It helps them generate some extra income, acts as a way to keep their stores stocked with products, and provides important resources to people who may need them. It’s always great to see organizations like Goodwill taking a stance and helping out the community in an unconventional way.

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