when i pump my penis it doesent get much bigger

When I started to pump my penis I was very excited; I mean I was sure I was going to get bigger, I mean everyone talks about it.​ I would always hear stories of people bragging about the size of their penis after using a pump.​ Well I got one and used it like I was supposed to, but not much happened.​ It was kind of disappointing, but I could feel it getting harder and bigger temporarily so I thought it was working at least.​

But then eventually I figured out the issue; it’s not as easy as it seems I guess.​ You have to know what you’re doing.​ After doing some research, I found out there are specific ways you have to use a pump.​ You can’t just pump at any old speed or pressure and expect it to turn out bigger.​ It’s like working out; you can’t just go in there and pick a weight, you have to know what exercises to do and how often.​ So it’s really about using the pump in the proper manner.​

That’s why I decided to look into different types of penis pumps, and start to understand the features of each one.​ I had to figure out which type was right for me and what not.​ It was a bit complicated but I made sure to read up on the instructions, and pay close attention.​ Then I was ready to begin!

I started with the basic pumps and began to learn the proper technique.​ I made sure to pay attention to the pressure and the speed, and I was pacing myself evenly.​ At first, it felt weird, and sometimes I’d get slight discomfort but I knew it was normal.​ Then I slowly increased the speed and pressure and made sure to not over do it.​ Eventually, I was in a consistent rhythm and I felt the pump doing its job.​

I had to find a balance of pressure and speed; it was tricky and it took some time getting used to.​ I was careful to follow the instructions and stayed consistent.​ I kept this up for a while, and then I noticed that the size of my penis was getting bigger.​ Wow; it works! I was so relieved.​ I kept pumping until I got the desired size and dildos then I stopped; I mean why keep going if it already works!

My experience of using a penis pump was positive but it did take a few tries to get it right.​ It’s all about technique and consistency.​ It’s like cooking, you have to take your time and get the ingredients just right.​ And you definitely have to read the instructions – that’s the most important thing.​ But the results speak for themselves and now I’m big and sex toys hard as a rock!

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