what medium is best for dildos

Wow. I’m so excited to talk about something I have so much experience with. What medium is best for dildos? I’ve been using dildos for years – ever since the beginning of my adventures with sex toys, and I can tell you that there are a few mediums that work really well.

First off, silicone is a great option. It’s body-safe, easy to clean, non-porous, and warms quickly so you won’t freeze your bits off. Plus, the material is delicate against your skin as you slide it in, with plenty of lube of course. Just be sure to check if it’s 100% silicone or a blend – some companies will sneak in other materials, and you don’t want your goodies harboring any extra chemicals.

Glass is also a great choice for a medium. It’s firm and tends to be lighter than silicone, so it can be a lot of fun to experiment with. Plus, you can change up the texture with temperature play – just be sure to let it cool a bit before you slide it in. I also really enjoy some of the wavy textures the glass spirals can create. Just keep an eye out for safety concerns like cracking or dulling of the finish.

When I really want an intense sensation, I tend to lean towards steel. The metal is wonderfully heavy and completely slippery. Plus, the cold shock of entering you can feel unbelievably good – just make sure to check the temperature first, and warm it up if you want something a bit more cozy. Also, be sure to keep good care of your metal toys – polish them regularly to keep them looking shiny and new.

Wood is also a great option. It’s lightweight, lets you experiment with new textures, and can provide a pleasantly firm sensation. Also, you can find interesting, eye-catching pieces that can fit into your toy box just as much as you! I like to but fancy, one of a kind options to add some personality to my play time. Just make sure to check the finish – you don’t want any jagged edges poking into you.

Finally, there’s a whole slew of other middle materials to try out like stone, ceramic, or acrylic. There’s something for everyone in the dildo world – just make sure to find something that works for you. Do some research and find out more about the materials, and then let the experimentation begin!

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