what is dildar curry

Oh man, Dildar curry is one of the best curries I ever tasted. It’s like a dream come true. Bursting with flavour and bursting with heat, it leaves me all tingly inside.

The first time I tried it I was taken back by its unique flavour profile. I mean the spices are just…It’s really hard to explain. The pungent scent of dill, the warmth of garlic and the gentle heat of chilli all mixed together in just the right proportions. I was in heaven and I wanted more.

I’ve heard that it’s a South Indian dish and it goes way back in Indian history. The original recipe calls for a specific type of dill which produces a distinct aroma and flavour. It’s a bit of a mission to track this herb down locally. But it’s worth it once you have it.

The trick to cooking this dish is getting the balance of spices just right. Too much of dill and you can overwhelm the other ingredients. Too little and Penis Rings you don’t get that signature taste. I’ve been cooking it for a while now and I’m still not perfect yet. Nevertheless, I’m slowly getting there.

Once you have the spices and the herbs sorted, the next step is to prep and cook the ingredients. I always start by sautéing onions and garlic in ghee. Then add in other ingredients like tomatoes, chillies and Penis Rings the precious dill. Then let the vegetables cook together with the spices until they become one.

It’s quite a special dish to me as it brings up memories from my childhood. It’s the kind of dish that one would share with the extended family. I love to team this curry up with chapatis and a side salad. It’s a whole package of flavour.

The best part about this curry is that it gets better and better the next day. The flavours blend together and become even more full-bodied overnight. I’m not kidding, the taste next day is unreal.

Dildar curry is just one of those dishes that everyone should try. It’s a taste sensation and I highly recommend it. Each time I eat it, I’m taken back in time to memories of my grandmother cooking this dish in our family kitchen. It’s a smell that can never be forgotten.

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