the best electronic male masturbation device 2018

Oh man, vibrators feeling the urgent need for a good male masturbation device upgrade to get things moving again? Then you must be in the right state of mind as you’re lucky to be living in this era! Today I’m gonna tell you all about the best electronic male masturbation device of 2018 and why it gets my vote.​

Trust me, when I saw this thing I just had to pick one up.​ I mean, wow, it’s like one of those incredibly smart and handsome guys with the perfect style while I’m here with my no-style! Anyway, that’s beside the point.​ So what does it do that sets it apart? First of all, the thing that you will immediately notice is that it comes with different vibration intensities so you can customize it to your own preference.​ And let me tell you, it goes up to eleven! Like Spinal Tap! Another great thing about it is that it is completely waterproof so you can take it with you to the shower and enjoy! That’s right, no more worrying about cleaning up the mess or dealing with water spills – it’s time to get wet and wild!

It also comes with an incredibly clever feature called “Mindblowing”.​ This feature stimulates your body in waves, making the experience even richer and more intense.​ It’s like a roller-coaster of pleasure! It’s really something special, and it will definitely get your blood rushing and your heart pounding.​

Also, you should know that while the device itself is rechargeable, it runs on a truly impressive battery that lasts about 8 hours – so you can go all night long! In addition to that, it is really small and discreet, so you can take it almost anywhere.​

Lastly, it emits a very pleasant humming sound which is not only soothing but also pleasing to the ears.​

Alright, I know you already want to get your hands on it – so go ahead and join the club! Trust me, you and your Penis Rings will be very happy you did.​

Now let’s dig a little deeper.​ The best electronic male masturbation device also comes with an amazing value-added feature.​ It’s called Virtual Reality or VR.​ This feature allows you to connect your device to your computer or smartphone and experience virtual sex with the help of a headset.​ Isn’t that cool? With this feature, you can explore various fantasies and have the experience that feels as real as it comes.​ There’s no limit to the intensity and pleasure!

Moving on, the device also comes with a discreet storage case.​ You can just pop it in the case and take it wherever you go.​ No more worries about your device getting dirty or caught in a weird position.​ It’s also great for those who have roommates or family members snooping around their bedrooms.​ They won’t ever know your secret!

Furthermore, this device comes with a handy remote control which makes it super easy for you to switch vibration speeds and customize your own experience.​

Another great thing about this device is that it is totally silent.​ This allows you to use it in all kinds of places, even in public places.​ No one will know what you’re up to.​

Another amazing feature is that it has a built-in heating element.​ This means that it will warm up to the perfect temperature so that you can enjoy an even better experience.​

Finally, the device is made of a soft and supple body-safe silicone material.​ This material is smooth to the touch and it feels great against your skin.​ Plus, it’s really easy to clean.​

What’s your opinion on this device? Do you think it’s worth all the hype? Let me know what you think!

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