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Growing up, I was always a little skeptical about trying out a penis pump on exertion.​ After all, I had heard of the horror stories about people having accidents with them.​ That being said, I recently decided to give it a try and see what the fuss was all about.​

The first thing I noticed was just how pleasurable it was to use.​ When I squeezed the handle just right, I felt a satisfying wave of pleasure course through my body that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.​ I was so astonished that it triggered an immediate reaction in my body that left […]

doc johnson head teaser male masturbator wand attachment

My friend, I’m telling you about this Doc Johnson Head Teaser Male Masturbator wand attachment—it’s amazing.​ I recently bought it for myself and I’m speechless.​ The pleasure it gives me is beyond compare.​ When I use it, I feel like I’m in seventh heaven.​ The wand itself is thick and sturdy.​ But the real star […]

I remember when there was a rumor that a neon genesis evangelion sex doll was going to be released. I thought it had to be some kind of joke, but low and behold it was true. Everyone was talking about it and I had to read up about it. Apparently this was a special doll made based on the characters from the animation Neon Genesis Evangelion. The internet was abuzz with people arguing if it was ethical or not. Of course, it also became a topic of discussion among my friends.

When we finally negotiated to lay down our personal opinion, I spoke first: “I get why some people have a problem with the idea of buying a doll made in the image of beloved characters from the show, but does it really have to be ‘wrong’? For me, the creators’ original intent was to create […]

My best male masturbator stroker experience has been nothing short of amazing.​ It was a bit of shock the first time I tried it but the pleasure I experienced afterwards really sealed the deal.​ I remember discovering it while browsing on the internet and thinking “well this looks interesting”.​

Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I wasn’t sure what I was walking into.​ But I felt comfortable enough to try it out and was absolutely blown away by the sensation.​ The moment I switched it on, I could feel the buzz.​ The vibration was just strong enough to make me feel pleasure yet […]