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douche liquid for tpe sex doll

I recently acquired a TPE sex doll and decided to research douche liquids for it. To my delight, I found a range of douche liquids containing natural ingredients that are specifically designed for use with sex dolls. It’s amazing that such products exist! When I bought the douche liquid, I was fascinated by its consistency. […]

I recently decided to give the whole homemade penis pump idea a go,not because I was desperate,but because I wanted to try something a little bit different.​I had heard a lot of good stuff about penis pumps supposedly being able to help with overall size and girth.​

So, the first thing I did was research to be sure I was doing it safely.​I was pleasantly surprised to learn that homemade vessels can be relatively safe if done correctly.​The only caveat was that in order for things to stay sanitary, I would have to use a new disposable glove for each use.​No problem […]

male masturbators are so overrated

Having a male masturbator is so overrated! I mean, who would need something like that? I think people should focus more on exploring their sexuality more holistically and satisfyingly.​ For starters, if you want to experience the same pleasure that a male masturbator would provide, why not just focus on improving your technique, instead of […]

I had to purchase a sex doll recently for a friend’s birthday, and it got me thinking – which sex doll website is legitimate? I started searching to get an idea of which one would be the best place to buy from.

At first, I was pretty daunted because all the websites had reviews that had mixed opinions. Some were saying how great the dolls were, while others said they had terrible experiences. I was a little bit confused about which website was best to buy from. So I decided to look into it more and do […]