should you clean tpe sex doll before first use

It’s no secret that many people are now keen to explore the alluring and Penis Rings pleasurable world of sex dolls. From silicone to TPE–these toys are alluring, intriguing, and packed with endless opportunities for pleasure. As such, it’s important to take the time and know how to properly care and condition your toy for the best — and safest — results.

One key step in caring for a sex doll is making sure to clean it properly. Should I clean my TPE sex doll before first use? Well, it’s highly recommended that you do! It might seem weird at first, as it’s likely been kept completely sterile inside its packaging. Still though, you want to make sure that there’s no residual dust or anything which could cause infection on the toy.

To clean your TPE Sex Doll safely it’s best to use a good sex toy cleaner. Don’t forget to follow the instructions on the package as to how to use it properly. It’s also a good idea to use a soft cloth or something similar to gently rub down the doll before you apply the cleaner. After that, you can spray away to your heart’s content. Not only will it make sure your toy is hygienic but it’ll also keep it looking and feeling fresh as a daisy.

Another option, is to skip the cleaner and use a damp cloth instead. This can work really well at removing any dirt or dust from the doll before you use it. Again, just remember to gently wipe the toy – no rubbing, no scrubbing! That’s the greatest mistake to make. Blot the TPE material dry with a dry cloth afterward.

In addition to cleaning your new toy, you should also make sure it’s adequately lubricated before use. This unlocks all of its pleasure potential and ensures comfort too. Lubrication also prevents chaffing and the risk of infection, while making your tpe sex doll feel even more lifelike. Just remember to choose a lubricant which is designed specifically for sex dolls and made from an entirely water-based formula.

When it comes to cleaning and caring for a TPE sex doll, it’s important to stay mindful with every step of the process. From the choice of lubricants to the gentleness of cleaning — these steps are key to ensuring proper care and condition your sex doll for maximum pleasure — with minimum fuss. So, go ahead — make sure your toy is squeaky clean!

10 Best Rabbit Vibrators Of 2020 For Masturbating, Per ExpertsAfter we have discussed the preparation step of cleaning a tpe sex doll before use, lets talk a bit of its hygiene. It is extremely important to keep your toy clean even after use. Right after your session, take a damp cloth and gently wipe the toy with or without lubricant, to remove any kind of deposit that may have remained on it. This will help to prevent the build-up of bacteria and other fungal infections.

With the wipe, you can also consider using an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. These cleaners come in handy sprays or foams. Don’t forget to check the ingredients of the product you buy to make sure that it is suitable for TPE sex dolls. There are some sex toy cleaners that come with toy oils—you don’t have to use them as they can damage the toy’s material. Always read the labels or consult with the manufacturer if you’re not sure about the product.

In the case of really tough stains, it is possible to use a mild soap. However, you need to be careful since soaps can damage the doll’s finish. If you must, mix a few drops of soap with water, dampen a cloth and clean the affected area gently. You may also need to use oxy water to remove any type of residual that may still be on the toy. But do not use abrasive cloths, sponges, or anything else that could damage your toy.

Sometimes, your TPE sex doll may need a full body wash. In that case, you can fill a tub with lukewarm water (no hot water as it can damage the material) and a few drops of mild soap. Let the doll soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. To finish off, use a soft cloth to pat the doll dry, and if you wanted to, use a towel to lightly rub the toy dry.

If you do that regularly, your TPE sex doll will look new and inviting all the time. Make sure to store it in a cool and dry place far away from the sun and any kind of direct heat. This will help to prevent damages due to excessive heat and will also extend the lifespan of your toy.

If you happen to have an issue with a torn TPE sex doll, it can sometimes be temporarily repaired with special glue. It’s important to look up the kinds of glue that work with that type of material, as using the wrong one could make things worse. Unfortunately, if the tear is large, you will likely need to replace the doll.

Combining regular cleaning with a proper storing method will help to keep your TPE sex doll in top condition. Cleaning, caring, and taking precautionary steps are all part of the journey in maintaining a pleasurable and safe experience with your sex doll. Plus, you’ll always get that new-doll feeling each and every time when you know that she is clean and ready to go.

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