should i declare my sex toys at customs

I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping my sex toy purchases a secret.They’re tucked away in my bedside drawer, only re-surfacing when I’m alone at home.But recently, I’ve been considering taking a trip overseas with my partner, and I was sure that I would need to declare my toys at customs before they’d let me bring them into the country.So I started doing some research into the matter to see if this was necessary.

At first, I was a bit worried – would I be judged for having these toys in my luggage, or worse – would I get into trouble for it?But as it turns out, that’s not really the case.While it’s true that you should declare all of the items that you’re bringing into the country at the customs desk, sex dolls toys don’t have to be included in that list.Unless, of course, you’re bringing in something particularly exotic that the authorities might be concerned about.

I felt relieved when I read this – I didn’t want to feel embarrassed when I was going through customs, and it was a huge relief to find out that it wasn’t necessary to have to do that.Plus, if I did need to carry them, I figured I could just bring them in a discreet travel bag that no one would be able to see into.

However, vibrators I wanted to make sure that I was taking the right steps so I decided to talk to the customs official at the airport before I made my final decision.I explained to her that I had some sex toys with me, and asked if I needed to declare them.She replied that while I was allowed to bring them into the country, I needed to make sure I keep them enclosed in a bag in my suitcase, and not take them out of the bag in public areas in the airport.That way, I would avoid any potential embarrassment or unnecessary attention.

That was the confirmation I needed to make me feel comfortable taking my toys with me.So, with the knowledge that I wouldn’t be getting into any trouble or getting embarrassed, I was more confident in my decision to bring my sex toys with me on my upcoming travels.

Now that I had sorted out the legal side of things, it was time to start looking into the practical aspects of bringing my toys to my destination.I figured that the easiest thing to do would be to keep them in my suitcase when I was on the plane, so I did some research into the different kinds of bags available.I discovered that there were a variety of discreet and attractive bags available in a range of materials and colors, so I found one that I liked and that would be suitable for taking on the plane.

Then, I looked into the hygiene aspect of bringing my toys with me.I knew that it would be a good idea to have some antibacterial wipes handy in case I needed to give my toys a quick clean-up before I used them.I also made sure to buy a waterproof bag for carrying any lube or lubricant, and I labeled all of my toys suitably so I knew which one was which.

Finally, I was ready to go!I felt much more confident and prepared to bring my sex toys on my trip, and thanks to my research I was certain that I wouldn’t get into any trouble.I guess having my own toys with me on the trip was going to be much more enjoyable and pleasurable than I thought!

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