quirking sex doll

Quirking sex dolls had me just about quivering when I first heard the concept. I had never heard of such a thing before! I was simultaneously intrigued and terrified, I mean, who on Earth would buy one of these things? It was so strange, and I simply had to know more.

It turns out that quirks can refer to any weird and wonderful modifications applied to sex dolls to make them unique. They range from relatively straightforward changes, such as body shape, eye colour and wig style, to more complex ‘upgrades’ like a richer, more realistic feel to the skin or even an AI brain to make the doll feel more lifelike.

Talking to friends about quirks made me realise that people with all kinds of needs can benefit from the process. For those whose physical appearances don’t ‘fit in’ with mainstream beauty ideals, vibrators it can provide a means of representation. Likewise, quirks are used to create dolls of specific ethnic groups or whole characters from books, movies and videogames.

I couldn’t help but move the conversation on to the more private aspects of quirks. Having sex with a doll is an incredibly intimate experience, and a customised one can enhance that intimacy in incredible ways. Quirks can take the form of little, romantic gestures, such as choosing a perfume to make it smell how you like or customising the panties with your initials, or they can be more risqué, Penis Rings creating body modifications suited to specific kinks.

But I was still a little bit suspicious. How good can the experience really be when it involves an inanimate object? Well, speaking to customers who have purchased quirk sex dolls have dispelled all my doubts. They tell me that it’s really quite special, with owners feeling liberated to explore new desires in a safe environment.

Friends asked me if I’d be tempted to do this, and I was honest, telling them it wasn’t something I was particularly interested in. But my opinion changed after further research. So many sex doll owners say quirks bring out a side of them they never knew existed. That has to be worth trying at least once, I reckon!

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