penis pumping away inside wife

What can I say, the penis pumping away inside my wife was one of the most amazing experiences of our marriage.​ I mean, we have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and even her pregnancy but nothing prepared us for this moment.​ Even though we had talked about it, and she had consented, it was still nerve-wracking for me when we actually did it.​

The thing is, she was so excited about it.​ I knew she wanted to try it, so despite my reservations, we went ahead and made our arrangements.​ We cleared an entire Sunday for our officially unofficial penis pumping date.​ I was surprised at her enthusiasm and thought that the pump was too large for her petite size, but she told me she wanted to go big or go home.​

So, we set up our mat and pillow and got ready to start.​ I had to help her with the pump to make sure it was secure and comfortable, and it was amazing to see her so eager! And even before we started, I could already tell that this was going to be something special.​ I put a good amount of lubricant and then we started.​

The pumping was certainly delicate, since there was no room for mistakes here.​ Little by little we were increasing the pump pressure, but we had to take our time not to cause her any pain.​ Watching her gradually getting aroused and her libido skyrocketing was out of this world! She went from mild-mannered to sex goddess in a short amount of time and it was beautiful and intense.​

At first, it was a bit awkward for me with the pump and all, but I got used to it quickly, and then I could start enjoying the experience.​ It was unlike anything else I’ve ever felt before.​ Watching her orgasm was incredible and powerful, and I felt my own body reacting to it, giving in to the intensity of the situation.​ It was a back and forth of pleasure and power, vibrators which made it even more exciting.​

The way her eyes rolled back and her body shook was mesmerizing, and I just kept thinking how we had managed to open up a whole new level of connection that day.​ I never knew that such a thing existed and it felt like we had put ourselves out there in the most intimate way possible.​

The best part about it was that afterwards, she was even more aroused and so was I.​ We were ready to go, again and again.​ And I don’t think we’d ever get tired of it.​ In fact, we went for round two almost instantly and we were happyabout that!

It was an experience that completely changed our sex toys life.​ For the better, in fact.​ We felt even more connected and our shared pleasure was stronger than ever.​ Plus, the temporary enlargement was something we both really enjoyed.​ Even my wife said that this was her best orgasm ever.​ Yep, penis pumping away inside my wife was a smashing success!

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