My friend, it’s no secret that the world of sex dolls has been steadily on the rise over the last few years. Although, nothing could have prepared me for the recent news about a new variation of the sex doll that was made with breast milk! It blew my mind, and I can only imagine the shocked reaction of you, my dear friends.

In a nutshell, the breast milk sex doll was created using silicone and human breast milk. It is not known who thought of such an absurd creation, as well as what kinds of reactions it has been receiving from those who have tried it out.

But here is what we do know: it is considered to be a revolutionary step in creating realistic and sensual sex dolls. According to reports, it has been able to provide users with a more realistic and satisfying experience due to the softness and touch of the breasts, as well as the natural scent of breast milk.

The doll has been manufactured in a variety of sizes, with the smallest being an incredibly realistic 2 1/2 feet tall. The doll is said to be incredibly detailed and full of life like features. Not to mention, it has been reported as being incredibly responsive to the touch.

This new holy grail of sex dolls has been quite controversial due to its elusiveness and challenge of taboo. There are many who consider that such a creation is crossing the boundaries of good taste and immoral. In the end, it is a matter of personal opinion if this doll is suitable for individuals to own.

Nevertheless, some have managed to get their hands on the outrageously realistic breast milk sex doll. People report back that it is incredibly soft, malleable, and quite pleasurable. For those that are seeking a unique sexual experience, some would say that the thrill comes with this newborn sex doll.

And speaking of thrill, what about the price? Most would expect this baby doll to be incredibly expensive, and it is! This premium silicone sex doll will cost over $10,000. It’s truly outrageous, and sex dolls only could be affordable for the wealthiest of us.

Well, that’s all I can think of regarding this new-age baby doll. Did you hear about this one? What do you think about it? Do you think people should try out this unique sex toy?

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