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Masturbation is a natural human activity, and male solo masturbation is no exception.​ It’s something I have been doing for years and I would say it’s an essential part of my relaxation routine.​ Still, I can’t deny it’s an awkward topic to bring up, especially with a group of male friends.​

Recently, I’ve found there is a whole dedicated subculture of male solo masturbation tumblers, and I never imagined it could be so big! I find myself sort of reluctantly going down the rabbit hole when it comes to exploring these different websites and blogs.​ I mean, I’m usually quite a privacy-conserving person, but the level of detail some users go into on these sites genuinely shocks me.​ I’ve stumbled upon some very intimate dollar-mentioning props, and I truly don’t know how to process it.​

Custom realistic dolls online store \u2013 realistic sex dolls,silicone sex doll,life like sex dollsWhen I think about it, I suppose it’s a way to express yourself without having to go through the potential awkwardness of talking to another person.​ It’s a chance to find out what kind of masturbating techniques work for you on different occasions, and you can learn to make it a leisure practice.​

I think one of the most important things about male solo masturbation is enjoying the process without guilt or any form of discomfort.​ It should be a positive experience, and being aware of what type of things excite you might also help you in creating a sense of self-knowledge.​ Perhaps even exploring the male solo masturbation tumblers out there might help you to find out what kind of things are out there.​

Sure, many people might find male solo masturbation uncomfortable because of the intimate nature of the activity.​ But for me, it is a very positive and progressive hedonistic endeavor that helps to relieve stress and make me feel relaxed.​ I still find it strange to talk about, and even more so to explore the male solo masturbation tumbler scene; but it’s time that we started to talk about something that has been kept in the corner of silence for so long.​

Sometimes I’m quite fascinated by the ways people approach male solo masturbation.​ it’s not just about achieving orgasms – it’s about exploring what types of touch, and sensation give you pleasure and help you to learn something about yourself.​ I know some guys like to read erotica to help them reach higher levels of arousal – surely it has to be a very personal experience.​

One thing I like to do is to spend some time in bed before I start, fully connecting to my body and sex dolls breathing in and out.​ I also find that meditating before I start helps me to be more aware of what my body needs and wants when it comes to male solo masturbation.​

Sometimes I use lube to make it more enjoyable and pleasurable.​ I’m a big fan of organic water-based lubricants; there’s something special about their texture.​ I’m also into exploring newer tools, like vibrators and other toys; it’s always interesting to find out how different tools will affect your arousal level.​

I like to take my time when I’m masturbating, as I find it helps me to be in tune with my body and get the most out of my self-love sessions.​ I try to make sure I’m focusing on what I’m enjoying and what I’m feeling; afterwards I always feel refreshed and relaxed.​

In terms of male solo masturbation tumblers, it’s a bit of a different story.​ I don’t find these platforms particularly helpful for relaxing, mainly because I usually don’t know what to expect.​ However, I see it as a learning opportunity – both for exploring other people’s perspectives, and for understanding what kind of activities work best for me.​

Every person’s experience of male solo masturbation is unique.​ I choose to accept and embrace my own journey to discovering what works for me.​ It’s okay to experiment with different tools and techniques, because ultimately, it is all about discovering self-pleasure.​

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