male masturbators are so overrated

Having a male masturbator is so overrated! I mean, who would need something like that? I think people should focus more on exploring their sexuality more holistically and satisfyingly.​ For starters, if you want to experience the same pleasure that a male masturbator would provide, why not just focus on improving your technique, instead of buying a product to obtain the same pleasure? Plus, male masturbators often come with some nasty chemicals that might cause skin irritations, which no one wants to deal with.​

I’m a firm believer that women and men should focus on exploring their own bodies, while also gaining a better understanding of their partners’ desires and pleasures! The traditional ways of reaching climax that don’t require any external aids are absolutely underrated, especially because of the various levels of pleasure that can be attained.​

Plus, it’s way more special when you experience pleasure with an intimate partner! For instance, I recently experienced something special during a night I spent with my partner.​ We were going back and forth, exploring each other’s bodies and vibrators that was real pleasure, instead of just using a machine that does the job.​

Another thing that I find more satisfying than rely solely on a male masturbator is massage.​ You can involve your partner in the sensual experience, or ask a professional to do it for you.​ Besides, massaging intensely can have a great effect in the body.​ Not to mention the fact that touching each other is an important part of any relationship, so relying on a machine should only happen if there’s no other option.​

Exploring different strokes, using lubes, and experimenting with various pleasure spots are great ways to connect with someone and also to experience intense pleasure.​ Stimulating the nipples can cause tremendous pleasure in males, and the same goes for women.​ Also, having a partner help during masturbation rather than using a mechanical device can be incredibly satisfying.​

Not to mention the fact that the senses are heightened during masturbation, and when you enter the mind-body connection zone, that’s when the pleasure really takes off.​ From the breathing to the pressure used, and even the use of music and fragrances, all of the elements come together in a beautiful way to make the experience extra intense.​ Finally, and most importantly, talking about what turns you on, and what turns off your partner can create a unique bond and solidify an intimate relationship.​

These days, there are plenty of different techniques that can be successfully used while having sex.​ There are g-spot techniques, tantric sex, and even some sex toys that are more user-friendly than a male masturbator.​ What’s more, working on your communication with each other can really make the sexual connection much more intense, and I think it’s the best way to go if you want to experience something special with your partner.​

One technique that I’ve tried recently is tantric sex.​ It was a new experience for me, and it made the sensations much more intense.​ I got to control how deep and slowly I got stimulated, and I had a better understanding of what my partner wanted.​ Also, there were moments during the practice when my partner and I synchronised our breathing and it felt like we were much closer and connected than ever.​

Role-play can also be a great way to explore each other’s desires and sexual fantasies.​ Putting on different masks and voicing them helps you both to get into character and you can get rid of any insecurities or inhibitions you have.​ It’s also great to let yourself go and completely immerse yourself in the role.​

In addition, role-play helps you boost self-confidence and try out the different scenarios, tips, and techniques that you’ve heard about, so it’s a great way to explore each other’s pleasures without relying on a mechanical device.​ Plus, feeling someone’s desire and anticipation adds a powerful dimension to the experience.​

Finally, there are no limits when it comes to exploring your sexuality.​ The key is to know yourself and your partner’s desires and also take into consideration the emotional aspects of what you’re both feeling.​ Listening to and being mindful of each other’s needs is the best way to keep the spark alive and attain incredible levels of pleasure.​

Bondage can be an incredibly pleasurable way of exploring sexuality between partners.​ Whether it is light or harder, it all depends on the level of excitement that each partner wants to achieve.​ One partner can tie the other up for the night, or vice versa, creating an incredibly exciting and spine tingling experience that will definitely leave you wanting more.​

There are different levels of sexual pleasure that one can experience without having to rely solely on male masturbators.​ For instance, edging is a great way to reach higher levels of satisfaction.​ It is an exercise that can be done both alone or with a partner, and the idea is to reach the edge of an orgasm and then draw back before actually climaxing.​

The beauty of this technique is that it builds and draws out the sensations that come with an orgasm and makes the experience much more powerful.​ It also teaches self-control and helps to extend pleasure, so it’s definitely worth exploring.​

When talking about pushing the boundaries sexually, BDSM is the perfect example of things that can be explored.​ BDSM itself is composed of a range of activities that involve bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism.​

BDSM is definitely for those who enjoy pushing the boundaries and exploring their own sexuality or that of their partner.​ As long as any activities are consensual and negotiated beforehand, it can be quite safe and pleasurable.​

Sometimes, as we explore our own sexuality, we forget to show appreciation towards our partners.​ After having sex with a partner, it is incredibly important to show gratitude towards each other and appreciate the time and effort spent during the activity.​

Expressing gratitude toward your partner helps tokeep the connection alive and it also shows that you value them and the experience that you just shared.​ So, it certainly makes a difference and can be used to create an even stronger bond with someone.​

Exploring sexuality is a journey that should be enjoyed and should be done without relying solely on male masturbators.​ There are ways to reach higher levels of pleasure during sex that don’t involve machines and which can bring partners even closer to each other.​

My advice is that everyone should make sure that they do explore their sexuality more deeply and in a different light.​ Whether it is through massage, tantric sex, bondage, or anything else, the possibilities are out there and the pleasure levels can be quite intense.​

Likewise, it is important to bear in mind that sex entails more than just physical pleasure and that having emotionally intimate connections helps to make the experience much more pleasurable.​ Ultimately, all I can say is that male masturbators are sadly overrated and that is why I focus on exploring a range of other techniques.​

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