male masturbation award winner

Well, as they say, the highest honor a person can receive is an award for their work or accomplishments.​ And this has certainly been true for this year’s Male Masturbation Award Winner, otherwise known as “The Wizel” or “The King of Solo Stroking”.​

It seems like only yesterday, when my friend had heard of this award.​ Being the adventurous man that he is, he decided to check it out, and low and behold, he was the one to win it! He was so ecstatic, he couldn’t help but take a selfie for all us to see.​

He was so proud of himself for taking part and putting his all into it.​ Not just for the prize money, but more so for the challenge itself.​ He had broken the mold of traditional awards, and been able to proudly show that he was no slouch when it came to the art of the ‘hand shuffle’.​

It’s an incredible feat and took him months of practice to do it right.​ But all that work and dedication paid off when he won the grand prize.​ He just knew that one day he would emerge as the champion.​

Every single one of his masturbation sessions was like a masterpiece, a work of art.​ Every technique was tried and tested to perfection.​ From the tried and true technique of switching hands to his signature move of the ‘drumstick stroke’—it was clear that he had surpassed all expectation.​

The Wizel was truly the King of Solo Stroking this year, and nothing short of it.​ He went above and beyond, even incorporating roleplay into his sessions! It was ingenious; he’d dress up as his favorite characters from movies and TV shows, creating a unique and exciting fantasy experience in the privacy of his own bedroom.​

It’s such an honour for him to be the winner of this unique award and he couldn’t be more thrilled.​ The Wizel has certainly taken male masturbation to a whole new level, and inspired men all around the world to reach for their highest potential.​

Continuing on his success, The Wizel is now offering his own brand of male masturbationpercussion classes, teaching other eager students the techniques needed to be the best masturbator they can be.​ From tips on staying aroused, to the importance of foreplay–he teaches it all.​

The Wizel also has his own line of lubricants that are specifically designed for male masturbation.​ He ensures that every product is paraben-free and eco-friendly.​ And they’re reasonably priced too, so everyone can afford to enjoy the pleasure they provide.​

The Wizel encourages everyone to make their masturbation enjoyable, fiery and exciting.​ He regularly lectures and participates in various forums, giving advice on ways to make it spicy.​ From using ropes, Penis Rings to watching porn and everything in between—there’s something for everyone!

He has even gone as far as creating a masturbation dictionary, featuring the different terms from around the world used to describe the various techniques of masturbation.​ It’s an invaluable resource for anyone looking to spice up their solo pleasure.​

The Wizel also recently released a book about the art of solo stroking—titled ‘How To Be The Best Masturbator’.​ It’s a must-have read for anyone wanting to explore the world of male masturbation.​ The book covers all sorts of intriguing topics, such as the power of fantasy and the benefits of using sex toys.​

Not to mention, The Wizel has also started an online ‘Masturbation Club’, giving members exclusive access to unique learning resources, special discounts on products and even one-to-one advice sessions with him! All tailored specifically to enhance the pleasure of male masturbation.​

He’s doing such a great job, it’s almost hard to believe.​ He managed to start from zero, and create an empire of masturbation! Judging by the amount of success he’s achieved in such a short time, I’m sure The Wizel will be remembered for a long time to come!

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