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I recently found out about the new ‘Laura sex doll’, and I must say I was perplexed. I couldn’t believe someone had created an ultra-realistic, life-like robot that simulates sexual activities. It was almost surreal, because as a society, we’ve come a long way in creating these kinds of things.

At first, I thought it was solely used for sexual pleasure. But upon further research, I found out that it can serve both practical and therapeutic purposes too. For instance, it can be used for teaching sexual education for sex education classes, or it can be used for therapy to help a person become comfortable with intimacy.

I myself am still skeptical about the idea of using a robot for sexual purposes. The concept of love and intimacy are two components that can not be replicated, and I find it almost too mechanical to consider a machine instead. I think it has its place in educational or therapeutic settings, but I’m not sure it should enter the realm of sexual pleasure.

Also, the price tag that comes with this robot is astronomical. It’s one of the most expensive investments for a machine you can find on the market. That’s why I’m not sure many people would be willing to spend the large amount of money necessary to acquire one.

Thankfully, dildos for those of us who aren’t quite ready for ‘Laura sex doll’, companies like RealDoll have created versions that are much more accessible. They’ve included features like realistic facial features, movable joints, and even AI capabilities if you opt for a more expensive version.

But, as I was going through the features, I couldn’t help but be uncomfortable. The thought of robots being used in any way for sexual purposes made me feel uneasy. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Even though the company insists that it is not a “replacement” for human intimate relationships, dildos I’m just not sure that’s true.

Are Your Rotary Electric Vibrators Working Properly? | Powder\/Bulk SolidsI think it’s amazing that our technology is progressing at such an unprecedented rate. But, when it comes to technology encroaching onto the relationship between a couple, I’m more than a bit skeptical.

Despite the positive scientific advancements, I’m still not sure if petite Laura sex doll has a place in our society. It could have potential benefits, such as being able to give people an educational or therapeutic experience. But I’m still not sure if it should have a part in replacing human intimacy and relationships.

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