It was a few months ago when I heard about male masturbator harnesses.​ I had an idea of what they did and how they worked but I was a bit overwhelmed at the possibilities they had to offer.​ I finally got the courage to purchase one and the process was surprisingly easy and straightforward.​

When I first opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how well-constructed and sturdy it was.​ It was a great quality piece of equipment that was clearly designed to last a long time.​ I also discovered that it had different straps to make it more comfortable when putting it on.​ It definitely made things easier when putting the harness on.​

Once I had the harness on, I found out how much control I had over my pleasure.​ It gave me the power to go at my own pace, making sure I didn’t get too excited too soon.​ I discovered another great feature; the adjustable centre-piece.​ This centre-piece had a range of different settings to suit different types of stimulation.​ I enjoyed experimenting with the settings to find out what worked for me.​

The experience of using a male masturbator harness was truly incredible.​ It allowed me to explore myself in ways I never thought possible.​ It was something completely new and exciting.​ The level of pleasure it provided was completely indescribable.​ I felt in complete control over my own pleasure, gliding male masturbator something I had never felt before.​

It was the ultimate feeling of pleasure and control that made using a automatic intelligent male masturbator hand free heating pocket pussy masturbator harness so rewarding.​ It was a feeling I never wanted to end and I knew I would reminisce about it for days on end.​ I was amazed at how the harness allowed me to reach new heights of pleasure that I had thought were only possible in dreams.​

My experience with harnesses has been nothing but positive and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore themselves in new ways.​ It’s something I learned a lot from and I’m so glad I decided to try out.​ It has opened up a whole new world to me and I’m excited to explore it more.​ Who knows what other amazing things I’ll discover along the way?

I’m sure if you tried out a male masturbator harness, you would discover a lot of amazing things too.​ It’s guaranteed to be an experience like no other and it’s sure to provide countless hours of head-scratching pleasure! So, why not give it a go and see what all the fuss is about?

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Once I got used to using a male mastubrator harness, I found out that it opened up a whole new realm of sexual exploration and pleasure.​ I found out that I could experiment with different configurations and settings to get the most out of my pleasure.​ I could focus on different parts of my body to get unique sensations and use the straps to lock in tight for the ultimate intensity.​

On top of all that, I found out I could also use it with other toys such as a vibrator or a dildo.​ By combining different toys, I was able to take my pleasure to the next level.​ It was incredible how a simple harness could change the way I experienced pleasure.​

What I also loved about the harness was that I felt like I was more present while masturbating.​ I was able to take my time and enjoy the sensations and not become lost in my own head.​ It felt more intimate and personal, which was really nice.​

I also noticed a significant increase in my orgasm intensity.​ I felt like my whole body was being taken over by pleasure and the orgasm was much more intense than I usually achieved.​ It was really amazing to see how a simple piece of equipment could have such a big impact on the way I experienced pleasure.​

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The other thing that I noticed while using the male mastubrator harness was that it worked as a form of BDSM.​ I discovered that I could use it to dominate or submit depending on which way I decided to use it.​ It was really interesting to explore different positions and scenarios with the harness to make sure I was having the most intense and pleasurable experience possible.​

The fact that the harness allowed me to explore roles of both dominance and submission was really empowering.​ It was nice to be able to take control or give it up to someone else.​ It was a powerful experience and I would never change it for anything.​

I also found out that I could use the harness in a variety of positions.​ It was really good at giving me support no matter which way I wanted to go.​ It was great for doggy-style, cowgirl, and sixty-nine.​ It was really nice to be able to move around and change positions while still feeling like I had strong support.​

Overall, using a male masturbator harness was definitely an enlightening experience.​ It took masturbation to a whole new level and opened up a new world of exploration and pleasure.​ It was definitely something that changed the way I experience pleasure and I’m sure it will continue to bring lots of joy for many years to come!

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I also found out that the male mastubrator harness could be used to build sexual chemistry.​ It was great for teasing and tantalising my partner.​ It was fun to explore different ways to use the harness to build up anticipation and get us both completely aroused.​

By using the harness as a way to tease and tantalise, it made the whole experience more intimate and personal.​ We were able to take our time and enjoy the sensations without any pressure or anxiety about performance.​ It was a really amazing experience and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I also discovered that I could use the harness to explore different types of bondage and BDSM.​ I had never explored these types of activities before, but with the harness, it was a really interesting process.​ I was able to be creative and explore different roles and scenarios, making sure I was stil able to keep the sense of comfort and safety we both needed.​

The best thing about using the male mastubrator harness was that it allowed us both to explore each other in ways neither of us had ever experienced before.​ It was a great way to keep our relationship exciting and passionate and it was something that I definitely would recommend!

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Using a male mastubrator harness also allowed us both to take control of our pleasure in unique ways.​ We were able to find out what worked best for each other and then incorporate those elements into our love making.​ This was really empowering and allowed us to discover new things about each other.​

The harness also provided a great sense of security and comfort.​ We knew that we were both in control of the pleasure we were experiencing and we had each other’s safety in mind at all times.​ This allowed us to go into unknown territory without ever feeling anxious or uncomfortable.​

Not only did using a male mastubator harness provide us with intense and exhilarating pleasure, but it also gave us an intimate connection with each other.​ We were able to explore each other in new and exciting ways and it was an experience we both cherish.​

Using a male mastubator harness has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.​ It opened the doors to a whole new world of pleasure and exploration and I’m so glad I decided to try it out.​ It has been life-changing and I’m sure it will continue to bring us both joy and pleasure for many years to come.​

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