I recently decided to give the whole homemade penis pump idea a go,not because I was desperate,but because I wanted to try something a little bit different.​I had heard a lot of good stuff about penis pumps supposedly being able to help with overall size and girth.​

So, the first thing I did was research to be sure I was doing it safely.​I was pleasantly surprised to learn that homemade vessels can be relatively safe if done correctly.​The only caveat was that in order for things to stay sanitary, I would have to use a new disposable glove for each use.​No problem there.​

Contributing to my confidence, friends of mine who had tried the homemade method all had positive feedback.​Most of them said that they either got no noticeable results or mild results without any adverse effects.​Given their success,I decided to give it a try.​

I had some spare parts lying around, so I gathered them and and began the game of mak’n’mend.​ As an engineer, it took me a matter of minutes and a couple of tries to piece together the pump parts I had.​It was starting to look like a true-blue, homemade penis pump.​

When I was finished, I inserted my penis into the open-ended cylinder and switched the pump on.​The suction began to pull the blood into my shaft, creating a slight tingling sensation that was quite pleasant.​I kept it going for a little while and then released the valve to slowly let the air out and release some of the built up pressure.​The sensation immediately faded away.​

Quite surprisingly, I felt as though I had experienced immediate results; my Penis Rings felt a bit fuller and thicker.​Was that just my mind playing tricks on me or the pump actually had an effect?I hadn’t tested it first,so I couldn’t say for sure.​

I used the pump again the next day and then day after that, adjusting the pressure levels as well as the time I spent pumping.​At the end of a week, it seemed to have done something – I was definitely bigger!Wow, it really worked.​

But I wasn’t quite satisfied.​ I wanted to increase the intensity of the pumping process a bit more to see if I would get better results.​So, I fashioned my own ‘pressure gauge’ out of some household items and connected it to the pump.​

Using the gauge,I was able to tweak the pressure up and down with modest increments for more targeted results.​This enabled me to increase the intensity a bit without going overboard,which was ideal.​

I used the homemade penis pump on a regular basis over the course of several months and kept a log of my changes.​To my amazement,my penis gradually kept growing larger and thicker – my ‘long Johnson’ was becoming a reality.​

The homemade penis pump had certainly worked its magic.​My penis had grown just over an inch longer and thicker than it normally was,which was a great surprise given that I hadn’t expected such quick and dramatic results.​Plus, none of the over-the-counter solutions had worked for me – this was the answer.​

It’s been a few years since I first used my homemade penis pump and to this day,I swear by it.​It has certainly taught me a lot about my body and its capabilities.​I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to increase size.​

Now that I’m confident in my new size and girth,I’ve looked into other penis enlargement techniques.​Penis extenders have caught my eye as the next possible step.​ I’ve also seen people talking about jelqing, penis hanging,and vacuum chamber exercises.​

Since I’m naturally skeptical by nature,I’m taking my time to evaluate all of these methods before jumping into them.​I know the only way to determine whether or not they will work for Penis Rings me is to try them, so I’m making sure I’m as informed as possible before giving them the go-ahead.​

I can say one thing for certain: I’m very happy with my homemade penis pump and am certainly glad that I gave it a shot.​It’s become my go-to penis enlargement technique and I’ve recommended it to all of my friends with similar goals.​If you’re looking to add a couple of inches to your Johnson,I’d definitely suggest giving it a go.​

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