how to make sex toy with ziploc bag

Hey friend, let me tell you this story. Maybe you’ll be surprised but I use a Ziploc bag as a sex toy. I know it sounds crazy. But I’m telling you, it is the most amazing experience ever. It all started when I was looking for something different to spice up my sex life. I was bored of the same old routine and I wanted something new and exciting.

I stumbled upon this idea of using a Ziploc bag as a sex toy and I thought it was a pretty wild idea. I was skeptical at first, but I figured why not give it a try? So I bought a few bags and got to work. First, I filled up the bag with some water. I then put some of my favorite lubricant in there and sealed it up. Now I was ready.

It felt like a completely different experience. As I was thrusting into the bag, it created a suction-like sensation that felt incredible. Plus, it was a lot easier on my body as I didn’t have to put the same amount of effort into thrusting as I would with the normal sex toys.

The bags were also nice, cold and smooth. It felt like I was thrusting into a piece of ice. I also liked that I could switch between different bags depending on the pressure or sensation that I wanted. I have experimented with different bags and different liquids inside, even adding food coloring for an interesting effect.

Since then, I have tried different sizes of Ziploc bags, different consistencies of water, even mixing in some body lotion for a more gentle sensation. I’m still experimenting with different combinations and it’s really exciting! Each time I use the Ziploc bag I find something new and different that I like.

Overall, I’m so glad that I tried out the Ziploc bag as a sex toy. It was an incredibly interesting way to make sex more exciting and it felt amazing. It changed the way I look at conventional sex toys and has opened me up to a whole new world of pleasure.

Now that I’m well into playing with the Ziploc bags, I can’t help but be curious about all the other unique and fun sex toys and tricks out there. I’ve heard of other people using crunchy snacks, Penis Rings different types of clouds, and even balloons. The sky really is the limit when it comes to unique and creative ways to make sex more enjoyable.

Recently, I’ve even started using Ziploc bags in a bondage setting. I think that adding a little bit of restriction and pressure can really add to the intensity in a fun way. I could try tying up the bag, having my partner thrust into it, or sex toys even creating an ingenious combination of bondage and ice. I’m excited to keep experimenting and see what I can come up with.

I’m also looking into exploring some different sensory experiences with the Ziploc bag. I’m thinking of adding essential oils to the water and making a really enjoyable massage oil for my partner. I’m also wondering what it would feel like to add different textures like rice, seeds, or frozen blueberries to the bag. I’m looking forward to exploring all the potential combinations.

I also can’t help but think about incorporating Ziploc bags into different types of role play. I’m already imagining a naughty nurse or a sly doctor doing naughty things with a bag of water. I wonder if I could even go so far as to use the bag in public, with the right preparation. I’m excited to see where my imagination can take me with this unique sex toy.

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