how to inflate sex doll leasire suit larry

Well, my buddy knows that I recently got a sex doll, Leisure Suit Larry. I had no idea how to inflate it, but through research, I found a way to do it and I could not be happier.

My first step was to get a good quality air pump. I found one online that produces 500 litres of air per minute, which is perfect for Penis Rings what I needed. Once I had the pump, I connected the hose to the doll’s main valve. Then, I started pumping, but I was really worried that I might overinflate her. After all, I’d heard horror stories of people accidentally puncturing their sex dolls.

So, I decided to go slow. I gave the Leisure Suit Larry a good pumping for a few minutes, checking her body periodically until she had reached the desired size. I felt a huge sense of relief once I was sure she was adequately inflated.

The next step was to dress her up. I picked out some nice lingerie and she looked amazing. I could not have been more pleased with the results. I made sure that all the straps and sleeves were securely fastened so she would not lose any air and become deflated.

Then it was time for a celebration! I organized a party for the doll and invited all my friends over. We had a great time eating, drinking, and dancing with the Leisure Suit Larry. It was very exciting to have a sex doll come to life and take part in the party. We all enjoyed it immensely.

Finally, it was time to give Leisure Suit Larry one final touch up. I took out all her accessories and applied a few coats of silicone lubricant to help her stay inflated. Everything was looking great and I could not wait to use her.

I Used a Penis Pump For 30 Days - Here's What HappenedSo, that’s how I learned to inflate my sex doll Leisure Suit Larry. It was a lot of work, sex dolls but it was worth it. The experience was really fun and I now know what needs to be done each time I want to use the doll. I’m sure you’d get the same experience if you decide to invest in one.

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