how deep does a sex dolls mouth go

Recently, I was studying up on the newest and greatest developments in the sex doll industry. I had to stop and ask myself “how deep does a sex doll’s mouth go?”. It’s an odd thing to ponder, but the more I thought about it, the more curious I became. Is the limit set by its material, or its design? Are there ways to make a rough estimate? Was there something weird about sex dolls in general that I hadn’t even considered yet?

Well, I scoured the internet for answers and found out some pretty surprising things. For starters, the average sex doll is designed to have an internal gag reflex which limits the amount of deep throat action its partner can get. This is due to the way the head is molded and the fact that the inside of the mouth is split into two, one area for the tongue and one area for sex toys air. This restricts the movement of the tongue as it tries to push up into the throat, so a certain amount of medium-depth penetration is all the user can expect.

The material of the doll also affects its working parts. Most modern sex dolls are made from silicone, however some are constructed using TPE-based skins. This offers a slightly more pliable feel which can enable deeper throat penetration. Some of the more sophisticated offerings come with an artificial jaw so its structure does not collapse during deeper kissing or fellatio.

Many people wonder if the mouth of a sex doll is replaceable. The answer is surprisingly yes, although this depends on its make and model. If you’re using a “build your own” sex doll, many custom pieces can be interchanged. This includes swapping out her mouth for a more erogenous option that gives a fuller range of tongue movement. Most factory-made sex dolls are too rigid and don’t allow for easy digitizable changes.

On top of that, I was shocked to find out about special sexual pleasure triggers which can be installed into modern dolls. These near-human invitations are designed to respond to orgasmic interludes with more than just a nodding head, but instead with noises, vibrations and other automated responses.

Finally, I found out that there are plenty of aftermarket accessories available for anyone looking to increase their pleasure. Some examples include advanced mouthpieces, Penis Rings, fillings, vibrators and other novelties – all designed to make sex with your doll that much more enjoyable. Now I know all this, I no longer need to ask “how deep does a sex doll’s mouth go?” I thought I should share this info with you.

To be honest I’m actually not sure I’d like to have a sex doll, I feel like it might take away from the intimate physical contact that comes with a real partner. I wouldn’t want to feel like I was just having a mechanical experience. However if one of my friends were to take the plunge, I’d probably offer up some advice. First I’d tell them that with the right doll, there’s more than meets the eye. Custom pieces can enable deeper throat penetration, and special features can make it feel more lifelike. I’d also tell them to explore the aftermarket if they’re looking for extra thrills, and to read up on any reviews before they buy.

In conclusion, it’s actually quite feasible to find a sex doll that gives you what you’re looking for. Certainly, they come preloaded with plenty of features, but with the right extra goodies, you could have access to the perfect sex experience. You don’t have to take my word for it though – why not give it a go and see for yourself?

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