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Baton Handle or Penis Sheath (?) | Vietnam | Viet-Han period | The Met

I’m sure you have heard that it is becoming more and more common for guys to watch other guys pleasure themselves.​ Before this became an acceptable form of entertainment, many guys just felt awkward when it came to masturbation and would do it alone.​ But now more guys are gathering around to watch each other […]

Using a Battery Operated Penis Pump Porn was not something I ever thought I would be doing, but it turns out it was one of the best experiences I have had so far.​ I came across it one night while browsing the internet and it took me by surprise.​ The idea of using a battery operated penis pump to achieve heightened pleasure seemed appealing to me, so I decided to give it a try.​

Before I knew it, I was in the middle of my first session with the penis pump porn.​ The sensation was more intense than I had expected, and with every passing movement I could feel my pleasure escalating.​ The experience was truly incredible.​ I was absolutely hooked! The pump was high quality and the batteries […]

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz around penis pump what is lately and it’s understandable if you don’t know much about it.​ Well, let me fill you in.​ A penis pump is a device that helps a man with erectile dysfunction to achieve and maintain an erection.​ It works by creating vacuum pressure around the penis, allowing the blood vessels to fill with blood and expand.​

RABBITOW Cute Full Size Solid Silicone Sex Doll Entity Doll Skeleton Adult Love Dolls for Men-in ...

At first, the idea of using a penis pump made me feel a bit uncomfortable.​ Sure, I knew it could help someone get an erection, but was it really necessary? After doing a bit of research though, I discovered that penis pumps are actually quite safe and beneficial.​ Not only can they help with erectile […]

I’ve always been really curious about ‘oni doll sex toys’ because I’m interested in alternative sexual practices. I know the concept of ‘Oni dolls’ is a bit edgy for some people but it turns out not all ‘oni doll sex toys’ are the same – some are actually really cool!

First off, ‘oni doll sex toys’ are an interesting form of sex toy because they are influenced by Japanese folklore and popular anime series. The concept is compared to a ‘Tsukumogami’ which is a magical living spirit with a lot of power. Basically, sex dolls these Oni dolls are like empowered servants that respond to […]

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When I was in college, I was having problems with my hand’s ability to satisfy me during masturbation.​ Every time I would try to get myself off, I would feel like my hands just weren’t doing the job.​ I was getting increasingly frustrated, so I sought out some advice.​ I asked around, and I was […]