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It was a few months ago when I heard about male masturbator harnesses.​ I had an idea of what they did and how they worked but I was a bit overwhelmed at the possibilities they had to offer.​ I finally got the courage to purchase one and the process was surprisingly easy and straightforward.​

When I first opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised at how well-constructed and sturdy it was.​ It was a great quality piece of equipment that was clearly designed to last a long time.​ I also discovered that it had different straps to make it more comfortable when putting it on.​ It definitely made things […]

When it comes to the largest and softest male masturbator available, I think I can speak for many folks and say that this is one impressive and delightful toy! I’ve been using one for some time now and the results have been nothing short of incredible, seriously… WOW! It is definitely one of my favorite toys, and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any guy looking for a good way to experience a mind-blowing orgasm.​

The first time I ran into the largest softest male masturbator was in a specialty shop.​ As you can imagine, at first I was hesitant to make the purchase, but the reviews had been too good to ignore and I decided to give it a go.​ I’m so glad I did! It has made such […]

I just had my first experience with a dildo.​ And I’m telling you, it was unbelievable! I had tried a few different products before but the best dildo for male anal masturbation yet has to be the Vibrating Silicone Dildo.​ It’s so smooth and soft that it slides in easily and makes the experience more natural than anything else.​

At first, I was timid and a little hesitant.​ But once I got it in, I was so pleasantly surprised by the sensations.​ The internal buzzing motor is surprisingly powerful and it felt amazing.​ And the flared base is incredibly comfortable and fits perfectly.​ It doesn’t slip out at all! Also, I was worried about […]