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Hey there! I’m sure you have heard about penis pumps, right? Well, you may be wondering, what’s the max hg for penis pump.​ If you are, then you are in luck, because today I’m going to tell you what the max hg is and why it’s important.​ Let me start with a story to illustrate how crucial it is to understand the various factors related to the maximum hg of penis pump.​

Once upon a time, there was a man who was interested in using a penis pump, but he didn’t know the max hg for his penis pump.​ After trying different settings, he ended up with an uncomfortable experience.​ So please, don’t be like him—make sure to be aware of your max hg for your penis […]

Well, it’s not often I get to share stories about my personal interesting experiences.​ But this time I am more than happy to let you in on what happened to me recently, regarding my shemale penis pump masterbation routine.​

I had been curious to try out this new set of activities to heighten the pleasure and stimulation in my private moments.​ The pump itself worked amazingly well, and the sensation of my penis being inflated and bursting with pleasure over and over was unlike anything I had ever felt before.​ My favorite part was […]

Oh my goodness, I just saw a post on the internet about naked pictures of sex dolls. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I mean, sex dolls are strange enough as it is, but now they’ve become so popular that people are taking naked pictures of them! I’m not sure what the world is coming to.

I was scrolling through online and this post showed up. I hesitated, but I eventually clicked on it, and I almost regret it. It was strange, to say the least, seeing all these lifelike dolls just standing around. They didn’t look real, but they weren’t obviously fake either. It was a surreal experience. I was […]

leten new air oral male masturbation cup

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When I first heard about the Leten New Air Oral Male Masturbation Cup, I was completely intrigued.​ I felt like it was something I had to know more about.​ The premise of air pressure and suction on the male genitalia sounded interesting, like a new way of experiencing pleasure.​ When I went to the website […]

My best male masturbator stroker experience has been nothing short of amazing.​ It was a bit of shock the first time I tried it but the pleasure I experienced afterwards really sealed the deal.​ I remember discovering it while browsing on the internet and thinking “well this looks interesting”.​

Initially, I was a bit hesitant as I wasn’t sure what I was walking into.​ But I felt comfortable enough to try it out and was absolutely blown away by the sensation.​ The moment I switched it on, I could feel the buzz.​ The vibration was just strong enough to make me feel pleasure yet […]

male masturbation award winner

Well, as they say, the highest honor a person can receive is an award for their work or accomplishments.​ And this has certainly been true for this year’s Male Masturbation Award Winner, otherwise known as “The Wizel” or “The King of Solo Stroking”.​ It seems like only yesterday, when my friend had heard of this […]

electric rotation male masturbators tongue licking male masturbation cup 6

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Recently I had the opportunity to experience the latest and greatest male masturbator, the Electric Rotating Tongue Licking Male Masturbation Cup 6.​ Let me tell you, it was the best experience of my life! The smooth and Penis Rings well made material of the cup combined with the powerful motor, made for an electric sensation […]