can’t masturbate with hands male

When I was in college, I was having problems with my hand’s ability to satisfy me during masturbation.​ Every time I would try to get myself off, I would feel like my hands just weren’t doing the job.​ I was getting increasingly frustrated, so I sought out some advice.​ I asked around, and I was told that it was a pretty common problem in guys my age.​

One of my friends suggested that I try something different and that’s how I found out that some guys are able to masturbate without using their hands.​ He told me about the pocket pussy, which is an artificial vagina that you stick your Penis Rings in.​ It has a tight grip and sudden release feature, which makes it the favorite toy of many guys looking for something new.​

At first, I was a little hesitant to try out this non-hand approach, but I figured if it could help me get over my masturbation woes, it was worth a shot.​ So I got myself one and enjoyed a few hours of pleasure, discovering just how much better it was than using my hands.​ I felt totally liberated and I never looked back.​

Since then, I’ve come to discover a few more pros and cons to this method of masturbation.​ First, one of the biggest upsides is that your hands never get tired.​ This means you can keep going for longer than you ever would with your hands-only method.​

However, this also means that you still need to be careful about your stamina as you can easily wear yourself out.​ Just be sure to keep a watch on your arousal levels and take a break when you reach your threshold.​

Another great thing about this method is that there are different pockets hollows available that cater to different tastes.​ There are slippery models, ones with a stimulating textured inside, and even ones that vibrate.​ All these options give you endless possibilities for getting off in differentiated and more pleasurable ways.​

And there are a few other bonuses to this hands-free method too, like not having to worry about cleaning up after yourself.​ And these pocket pussies even restore their own shape after use, so you can keep your new toy stored without ever having to worry about it losing its shape or function.​

On the downside though, this can be an expensive way to get off and there may be a bit of an ‘ick’ factor vibrators when it comes to using something artificial.​ But, in the end, it’s really a personal choice.​

For me, I’m more than happy with my pocket pussy.​ It’s totally changed how I pleasure myself, and I’m grateful that I gave it a shot.​ If you’re considering shaking up your self-pleasure routine, then a pocket pussy could be just what you’re looking for.​

The other added benefit to this method is ease of use.​ Unlike some toys that require more complex instructions to use, the Pocket Pussy is plug and play and easy to figure out.​ It requires very little technical know-how to use and is designed to provide pleasure with minimal effort.​

There’s no doubt that trying out something new when it comes to masturbation can be nerve-wracking.​ But, for me, it was well worth the risk.​ Having a pocket pussy gave me a whole new way to get off.​ I’m sure it will do the same for some of you too.​

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