bruising on bottom of shaft pumping penis

It’s happened to me several times: that pesky bruising on the bottom of the shaft that comes with pumping your penis.​ It can be an unwelcome surprise, one that I wish I’d never have to experience.​ But the thing is, it happens to all of us in our early years, and it’s really nothing to be ashamed of.​

I remember when I first saw it: my heart sunk into my stomach and my eyes widened with surprise.​ I had been told it was normal, but still, I couldn’t help feeling embarrassed.​ I went to the mirror to take a good look at it, and the sight was frighteningly red.​ It was like I’d been punched in the penis!

But I’ve come a long way since then.​ I’m more aware of the risks, and I’ve taken the right precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen again.​ I no longer pump my penis like a maniac, and I only do it when I’m really sure that it won’t cause too much damage.​

It’s a weird sensation, bruise: like a throbbing pain that reverberates throughout the penis.​ It’s even harder to ignore if you’ve ever been bruised in this particular area, and it’s something that’ll make you wince in pain when you touch it.​ Most of the time, it’s just a minor nuisance that’ll go away in a few days, but there are times when the bruising can be more severe.​

When I start feeling pain, I immediately stop the pumping and let my Penis Rings rest.​ I then ice the area until the swelling goes down.​ I can usually get back to pumping before the next couple of days, but if it’s still too painful, then I’ll take a few more days off and just wait for the bruise to disappear.​

The bottom line is that it’s really important to take care of your penis.​ Try not to over-pump it or do anything hasty that could potentially cause bruising.​ So the next time you’re pumping your penis, just take it easy and be mindful of what you’re doing.​ It’s not worth the pain and embarrassment if that pesky bruise on the bottom of the shaft crops up again.​

A few tips that I find helpful when it comes to pumping are: start off slow, don’t rush it and always use plenty of lube.​ The lube will help reduce friction and minimize the risk of bruising.​ I also take regular breaks to stretch my penis, which also helps avoid any unwanted bruises.​

Treating the bruise when it happens is all part of the process.​ Applying a cold compress can help reduce the swelling and soothe the discomfort.​ Also, using Arnica can be beneficial in helping to speed up the healing process.​ Lastly, if the bruise is particularly deep and severe, it’s important to seek professional medical help.​

It’s not always bad news.​ In fact, many guys find that once they get used to it, they actually enjoy pumping more, as it can add extra pleasure to sex dolls.​ So if you’re ever met with a bruised penis, just take it as a sign that you’re trying too hard and take the necessary precautions.​

It’s been a few years since I’ve experienced any issues with bruised penis, but I still remain cautious when pumping.​ I use common sense and caution to ensure that it doesn’t happen again, and now I actually quite enjoy the extra pleasure that comes with it.​ The sensation of the pumped penis is incredibly pleasurable and just knowing that I’m taking the right steps to prevent bruise is incredibly reassuring.​

Despite the occasional bumps, bruises, and pains that come with pumping your penis, it’s important to remember that these are all normal and nothing to be ashamed of.​ So if you’re currently dealing with bruising on the bottom of the shaft, try to take it as a learning experience and an opportunity to do better next time.​ In the long run, you’ll be much happier and more confident in your pumping skills.​

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