anal male masturbator sex toy gay men

I recently had the opportunity to try out an anal male masturbator sex toy – Specifically designed for gay men.​ It was something that I wanted to do for myself.​.​.​ to be honest I was really excited.​

I had read up the reviews beforehand and was impressed by the features it boasted and all the pleasing aspects that could come from it.​ For starters, its shape was perfect, sex toys as it was curved and flexible to allow both comfort and a satisfying feeling when you use it.​ There were also the overflowing bumps and ridges which felt incredibly realistic when you explored them.​

With that all in mind, I decided to go for it (I was literally buzzing of anticipation).​ I lubed it up and with a single thrust, it slid in effortlessly.​ It was soft and warm, yet firm and pleasant.​ It felt like nothing I had ever experienced before and it blew my mind.​ I was so horny for it that I just lost it and started thrusting away with some fast paced music playing in the background.​

I soon discovered that the male masturbator sex toy had several settings that you could easily adjust depending on the level of stimulation that you wanted.​ This allowed me to find that raging orgasm and a few minutes later I was reaching my peak.​ I can’t even describe what it felt like but it was beyond wonderful.​

What makes this toy so exciting is that it is designed for men and made of body safe materials.​ This makes it safe to use and cleaning it post use is a breeze.​ But most importantly, it simply feels great and if used sporadically, can make for an intensely pleasurable sexual experience.​

It is essential for gay men to have their own specific sex toys.​ The anal male masturbator sex toy that I tried specifically fitted all my needs and allowed me to enjoy some very intense experiences.​ It was absolutely perfect for spicing up my sex life and it definitely improved the way I have sex.​

Having used the anal male masturbator sex toy, I soon learned that strong and powerful orgasms are guaranteed every time.​ I found myself having wonderful explosive orgasms, that made me come back for more the next time and even longer afterwards.​ This is probably one of the best sex toys I have ever used and it has already become a favourite.​

Also, one of the great things about the anal male masturbator sex toy is that the materials used are medical grade silicone which feels very lifelike and also allows for different intense sensations.​ The attention to details and design with this product is simply incredible and I feel so much more confident about my sexuality since using it.​

I would highly recommend the anal male masturbator sex toy as it has changed my sex life for the better.​ It is safe, discreet and compact, perfect for solo experience or even for couples.​ It’s a unique device that provides an exhilarating sexual experience every single time.​

The anal male masturbator sex toy has certainly managed to surprise me and enables me to reach sexual heights I had never dreamed of before.​ In a nutshell, I’m having a ball with it and would highly recommend it to every gay man out there.​

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